Sample Spreads

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  1. These are my neighbors, when we really could go next door and borrow sugar or a few eggs without judgement. She hosted the neighborhood clubs and teas, great memories. Thank

  2. I grew up in Collier Heights. My parents bought a house at 643 Ozburn Rd that was on a big lot. The street was only a gravel road then. They later built another house next door, 649 Ozburn Rd. To this day we still own both houses.

  3. My family and I lived at 2932 Collier Dr. We moved there when I was in 9th grade from College Park where my father, Dr. Otis McCree had practiced medicine. The street was unpaved at that time. Mrs. Elsie Evans, across the street would give me a ride to Turner High, where she taught, every morning. My sister, Kathy, attended St. Paul of the Cross Catholic school when it opened. My brother Otis spent his early years, there and graduated from Douglas High. We had lovely neighbors who looked out for each other and were very respectful. I enjoyed the woodsy nature of the surroundings. We had great barbecues and parties and my father and his friends played pool in our spacious basement. My mother was the local cookie chairman for the Girl Scouts and our basement was stacked to the ceiling at cookie sale time. We walked all over the neighborhood unafraid. Ida Rose McCree Hilliard.

  4. Yes, she was the wife of Gilbert Evans and an excellent English teacher for many years at Turner High.

  5. Grew up in Collier Heights … parents still live on Tribble Lane … so many great memories….

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