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  1. A resident of Collier Heights from late 76 or early 77 until 1991. Lived at 3348 Collier Court, just across from the track at Harper High School. Considered buying a house on Eleanor terrace, off Waterford Rd/Skipper Place. Enjoyed my time in the area but riding by now I hardly recognize the area. The longtime residence of The Cato’s on Collier Dr no longer even there. There was renewed interest in the area in the early 90s, which kept property values up but inner city blight has now destroyed this once thriving black middle class mecca

  2. My grandparents lived right smack dab in the middle of Collier Heights and I went it Collier Heights Elementary. I’ll be buying the book for my mom.

  3. My family moved to our home in Collier Heights in 1954 when I was fourteen. Our street was named Godfrey Drive. This was an older section of the neighborhood that was occupied by White families. Of the many houses on this street only three belonged to Black families, as the neighborhood in the midst of a mass “White Flight Transition”. Those three original (pioneering) families were, the Wynns, Williams and ours, the Bentons.

  4. I grew up in a house on Waterford Rd. My immediate family moved there in 1984/85; my mother has lived there since. However the house has been in her side of the family for much, much longer. Owed my her uncle, her sister was married in the backyard….there are a lot of memories lining the streets of the Collier Heights community.

  5. I grew up on Collier Drive. My family was a part of the African-American westward migration through the city during the early 1950’s. We moved to Collier Drive in 1955. Hence, we witnessed the building of this beautiful neighborhood from start to finish. As you can imagine, it was like paradise, through the eyes of a child. We looked forward to Halloween night—not to receive the candy, but to get a glimpse inside the beautiful homes when the front doors opened in response to our “trick or treat”.

  6. Hi! I would love to purchase a copy of this book. We just purchased a home in Collier Heights, and I would love to have a copy on our coffee table. I am so honored to be among those living in Historic Collier Heights!

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